e-automate 7.6

e-automate is a total business management software solution

e-automate is a total business management software solution for field service-oriented dealers. Since its creation overa a decade ago, it has helped over 1000 companies better manage common business processes like accounting, inventory control, sales, service dispatch, contract processing and more. While robust and sophisticated, the system has an eye toward being intuitively easy to learn, understand and use. Windows Vista® & Windows 7® ready

Intuitive process-based user interface makes the system easy to learn and use.

S.T.E.P.S. Interactive training and help tools make finding answers to your questions simple.

All data is stored in a centralized MS SQL server database allowing an easy and fast flow of information in and out of the system

Service dispatch utilizes mapping and color-coded consoles to help you manage service technicians at-a-glance

Robust real-time reporting tools allow you to easily get to the critical information you need to manage the most important aspects of your business. Fields can be clicked on to drill down into more in-depth information.

Product functions integrate seamlessly to deliver an unparalleled platform to optimize your business operations.

Disparate functions of your business are pulled together into one system allowing greater collaboration and knowledge sharing while reducing error and costly redundancies.

Many processes are done automatically allowing resources to be focused less on menial tasks and more on the parts of your business that really matter.

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